4E4TH We have a new name!
IconLogo coming soon with more information ...

This side will provide IconLogo downloads ...

To download IconLogo click here:

http://www.IconLogo.org/IconLogo.exe     (IconLogo, 1032x936, 2.54 MB) Best for Screen Resolution 1280x1024 pixels.

http://www.IconLogo.org/IconLogo80.exe (IconLogo,   827x755, 2.54 MB) For Screen Resolution 1024x768 pixels.

http://www.IconLogo.org/IconLogo60.exe (IconLogo,   622x575, 2.54 MB) For Screen Resolution 800x600 pixels.

You can run directly from the Internet by clicking on one of these links and then - on the download pop up windows - click on Run ...
With a click on START the command buttons will show up.

The arrows show where the turtle shall go:

Arrow up: FORWARD
Arrow down: BACK
Curved arrow left: LEFT
Curved arrow right: RIGHT
The numbers in between show the steps the turtle shall go (upper number)
and the degrees the turtle shall turn (lower number).

A month ago we provided some Logo sessions at Marty !

To report problems or to ask questions, write to Dirk@4e4th.eu

26-07-2015 Name changed to IconLogo
09-01-2013 Backup files reduced, coloring added
08-08-2013 Turtle improved - now drawing clean lines
08-12-2013 Some commands explained on this page